Swiss tennis legend Roger Federer has been the JURA brand ambassador since 2006. Now, the communication campaign is entering a new phase. The core statement consistently focuses on what every JURA coffee machine creates to perfection: speciality coffees – freshly ground, not capsuled.

The new films highlight how easy it is to make coffee at the touch of a button and the sheer pleasure of a perfectly prepared cup. They also incorporate strong images to showcase the innovations and special features of each JURA machine:

  • Cold Brew
  • Subtly sweetened milk foam
  • Two grinders for two different types of coffee in one compact machine

We hope you enjoy watching them.

Z10 – for hot and Cold Brew speciality coffees.

It prepares the full spectrum of hot speciality coffees, from intense espresso to on-trend flat white, at the touch of a button. It also makes the perfect cold-brewed coffee, doubling the number of beverages available to choose from. 

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J8 – for speciality coffees with the extra option of subtly sweetened milk foam.

The J8 comes with a range of innovative features for even more delicious results. The new Sweet Foam function flavours the milk foam during preparation, taking indulgence to a whole new level – for example with the Sweet Latte.

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J8 twin – with two grinders for two different types of coffee.

Classic or decaffeinated? Dark espresso roast or a mild lungo blend instead? The compact J8 twin comes equipped with two high-performance grinders. Combining two coffee machines in one, it means you no longer have to choose between two different types of coffee, because now you can have both.

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Images with impact

The new photos also show Roger Federer enjoying his favourite beverage in style. The portraits harmoniously combine with the coffee machine and the core statement to create an elegant image full of clarity, class and style. The images can be seen on print advertisements, online banners, posters and more.